How it works


O1. Create an account or login as guest
After creating an account or logging in as a guest, select the ‘Product Type’ you would like to create
O2. Enter Wall Measurements
Enter the width and height of your wall
O3. Choose Surrounding Wall Colour
This assists in re-creating your room/space as best possible.
O4. Configure your room layout
Add in any obstacles or areas in your wall that will impact the image chosen. Eg. Add in doors, windows, power points etc. You can re-size all items easily to suit your space.
O5. Select your background image
The “Content Source” shows all the folders available to view images from our library. Some popular designs are listed in folders, however if you can’t find something you’re looking for you can either search from 100,000’s of images on “Fotolia” or “Pattern Designs” or you can also ‘upload’ your own image.

06. Scale/Tile Options
By clicking on your selected image you are able to change the scale of the image to fill the wall or zoom in on part of the image. You can also move the image around the wall to suit the space.You can also ‘tile’ the image or pattern should you wish to have multiple or repeat images on the wall.
07. Request an emailed sample
Once you’re happy with the image, scale etc. you can view a section of it at 100% by requesting a cropped sample to be emailed to. Move the square around the image to select the area of the image you would like to view. An email will then be sent to you showing you a cropped sample file.
08. Shopping Cart & Checkout
Click the “Add to Cart” Symbol to order your wallpaper. Once you have saved your project, the website will then take you to the ‘cart’ area. Confirm the project price and sizing information and then click “Go to cart” to proceed to checkout or ‘edit design’ if you need to edit the image.The ‘cart’ area will show you the price of the project plus shipping. You can then ‘proceed to checkout’, enter your postage details and pay for the project.
Once payment is processed the order will be processed and sent to print!