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Design Your Own Wallpaper in Three Easy Steps

In the digital age, it seems as though anything is possible. While homeowners were once restricted to generic wallpaper patterns and shades, it is now possible to create custom designs that are as unique as you are.

At Grafico Custom Wall Coverings, we provide a self-design service to customers – allowing you to design your own wallpaper in three easy steps. Using DIY Wall Designer technology, clients can order online from the comfort of their own home.

Wallpaper design is three easy steps

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or simply want to create something out of the ordinary, our online design software will help you achieve your goal.

1. Select an image.

The first step is to select an image that suits the wall space in question. You can choose an image from our library (there are plenty to choose from, including kids’ wallpaper designs), or you upload your own personalised image.

Your choice of image will depend on your personal preferences and the wall you are looking to cover. Are you looking for an image that subtly enhances the room, or do you want a design that catches the eye the minute you walk in the door?

2. Customise the image to suit your wall size.

Once you have selected an image, the next step is to customise it so that it fits your wall space. Make sure that you have the wall measurements handy, as you will be required to enter them at the beginning of the design program.

If you’re still unsure how our DIY Wall Designer program works, you can view our comprehensive tutorial here.

3. Install the wallpaper.

Once you have ordered online, we post your wallpaper to your address; the last step is to apply the self-adhesive film. Printed on quality film sourced from European and American manufacturers, our wallpaper will easily adhere to most surfaces.

Each order comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions, however we are also able to offer an installation service if required.

Your own unique wallpaper

There is no better way to personalise a room than to apply you very own unique wallpaper. If you are looking for something a little smaller and more cost-effective, we also offer self-adhesive posters.

While we don’t recommend that you use our self-adhesive wallpaper in wet areas such as bathrooms, our custom printed tiles are an excellent alternative.

For more information regarding our DIY service, please get in touch today on 1300 447 234.