Mosaico Digitale Custom Print Tiles


  • Custom made, digitally printed resin mosaic tiles
  • Custom size, shape and design – provide us with an image, or work with our in house design team
  • Suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in wet areas
  • 10 year warranty
  • Flexibly installed onto curved and irregular areas
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be installed on top of existing tiles, avoiding messy demolition
  • Easy installation: provided on numbered & mapped 300 x 300mm sheets

Australia’s Exclusive Distributor of Mosaico Digitale – Custom Print Italian Mosaic Tiles

Thanks to cutting edge technology, it is now possible to create custom print mosaic tiles that are sure to enhance the look of any room.

This unique product has been designed and produced in Italy with the latest technology to deconstruct any digital image and custom print it onto resin film tiles. These lightweight, strong and conformable tiles can then be applied and grouted to any surface, reflecting the nature of a ceramic mosaic, but with limitless possibilities.

A new revolution in decorative wall tiles in Australia

Mosaico Digitale’s most impressive feature is that almost all aspects of the tile are completely customisable; from the image/pattern to the size and shape of the tile. Traditional mosaic tiles involve a time consuming and complex process of constructing an image from individually coloured pieces, which demands an equally time consuming and expensive install process.

Mosaico Digitale’s innovative system takes advantage of modern printing technology to customise and construct decorative wall tiles digitally – printing entire images and setting them behind a resin which forms a tile. Any photo or graphic image of your choosing may be transferred onto the resin – even the shape of the tiles themselves can be changed to fit any project you have in mind. Additionally, custom print mosaic tiles can be embellished with Swarovski, gold, coffee, mineral and decorative stones.

The installation process is also intelligently simple; each custom tile square is numbered individually during production, allowing the designer mosaic to be laid out in numerical order to form the whole image in preparation for tiling. The flexible nature of the tile sheets allows them to be applied to irregular surfaces including curved or round objects as well as be trimmed to fit into unusual wall or floor spaces. For the first time, digital images can be applied to decorative tiles and used to create everything from eye catching floor spaces and swimming pools to furniture and feature walls.

Product Information


  • 2mm thickness
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight – 1.2kg per square meter
  • Non toxic
  • Self Extinguishing
  • Flexible enough to follow curves
  • 10yr Warranty*
  • Fast air-freight 4-6 week turn around

Please find below product test results in PDF format:

Product Data & Testing Information

Installation of Your Custom Mosaic Tiles

The tiles will be supplied in a 300 x 300mm sheet. Each sheet will be numbered according to the pattern to allow ease of installation.


Installation for Non-Wet Areas
    • The substrate must be flat and smooth to allow for a 1mm skim coat of glue using a 1mm vinyl trowel. Substrate can be plaster, cement sheet, smooth/levelled concrete, MDF, Perspex or Glass.
    • The recommended glue is Mapei ECO 300 (info here: Mapei ECO 300 ), allow appropriate time to dry.
    • Organise pattern according to the set out plan provided and appropriately numbered mosaic sheets.
    • Grout with Mapei Ultracolour Plus (info here: Mapei Ultracolour Plus) allowing appropriate adhesion time for the glue.
Installation of Your Custom Print Tiles for Wet Areas
    • Following the same installation steps for non-wet areas, you simply need to use appropriate wet area glues and grouts.
    • Apply a 1mm skim coat of Mapei Kerapoxy Adhesive (info here: Mapei Kerapoxy Adhesive) to glue the mosaic tiles on an appropriate substrate of plaster, cement sheet, MDF or smooth concrete.
    • Grout with Mapei Fugolistic Grout (info here: Mapei Fugolastic) allowing the appropriate adhesion time for the glue.